A Tradition of Excellence

Founded in 1897, Barrow Group stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation. Over a century of dedication and craftsmanship has positioned us as leaders in the property development and construction landscape.

Comprising Barrow Construction and Barrow Properties, we craft spaces that reflect excellence, ingenuity, and attention to detail. From the cornerstones of historical buildings to the skyline-defining structures of today, our legacy is interwoven with the very fabric of the cities we inhabit.
Rooted in history yet always looking towards the future, Barrow Group's journey began in 1897. Through times of transformation and growth, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation. Over the years, our two complementary divisions, Barrow Construction and Barrow Properties, have collectively shaped landscapes and redefined urban living. Our projects not only reflect architectural beauty but also resonate with the needs and aspirations of the communities we serve.

From our early days laying the foundation of iconic structures to pioneering the integration of technology and sustainability in modern designs, Barrow Group's legacy is one of leadership in property development and construction. Our hands have built not only buildings but also relationships, trust, and a reputation for delivering unparalleled quality. We take immense pride in being part of stories that span generations, standing as a symbol of resilience, creativity, and progress in the ever-evolving world of real estate.

The Heart of Barrow

Our team embodies a shared passion for excellence and innovation. With expertise that spans generations and a commitment to collaboration, we foster a culture where creativity thrives, ideas flourish, and visions are transformed into tangible realities. Together, we build not only structures but also a legacy that resonates with quality, integrity, and the enduring spirit of Barrow.
Company Leaders
Our company leaders are at the core of Barrow Group's success. With years of hands-on experience in construction, property development, and investment, they guide our team with a clear vision and practical know-how. Their leadership is rooted in collaboration, excellence, and a commitment to quality that shapes everything we do. Meet the people who keep Barrow moving forward.
John Barrow
Managing & Contract Director
Shaneel Singh
Contracts Director
Donald Barrow
Contracts Director
Mike Makhudu
Contracts Director
Paul Barrow
Property Dev & Investment Director
Neil Barrow
Financial Director
Mark Uhlmann
Executive Head - Properties
Colin Barrow
Quantity Surveyor Director
Introducing Properties
Discover the spaces that businesses call home with Barrow Properties. We specialize in commercial office spaces in prime locations, offering flexibility and modern amenities tailored to your needs. Whether it's high-end elegance or innovative hybrid work environments, our portfolio has a space that fits your vision. Explore Barrow Properties and find the perfect spot for your business.
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Introducing Construction
From residential projects to complex commercial structures, we bring designs to life with meticulous attention to detail and a strong commitment to deadlines. Whether it's a new development or a renovation, our skilled team ensures every project meets the high standards Barrow is known for. Learn more about our construction expertise.
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Our Featured Blog Posts
Dive into the world of property development and investment through our handpicked selection of engaging blogs. Whether you're curious about the latest trends, seeking guidance on commercial property choices, or eager to know more about the Barrow legacy, our featured blog posts provide thoughtful insights and expert perspectives. Stay informed, inspired, and in touch with the industry pulse.

Exploring Upcoming Property Technology in South Africa

2022 marks the 125th Anniversary of the Barrow Group of companies. As descendants of the original Barrows that started this journey in 1897, my brothers, cousins and I (the fifth generation of Barrows) recognise the significance of this event...

Renovation of The Crescent, Bryanston.

One of the projects currently underway is the renovation of The Crescent, situated in the heart of Bryanston. The refurbishment is about to commence and will see an additional floor added taking the building to just under 6000m². The Crescent orientates prominently...

In Discussion with Mark & Linda: Flexibility is Key to the Future of Work

Mark Uhlmann, Executive Head of Properties at Barrow Properties, recently sat down with Linda Trim, the director of FutureSpace and Giant Leap Workspace, to discuss the future of work and flexible office spaces...
Barrow Properties
From prime locations to bespoke hybrid spaces, every detail is fine-tuned to resonate with your brand's vision. Explore our portfolio and find a space that's not just an office but a statement of success.
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Barrow Construction
We take pride in constructing infrastructures that stand as landmarks of innovation, quality, and sustainability. Step into a world where architectural dreams become tangible realities.
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